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Modular Origami, Kusudama & Stars by Maria Sinayskaya

Origami Twitter Bird

Origami Twitter Bird

Name: Origami Twitter Bird
Designer: Maria Sinayskaya
Paper ratio: square
Paper size:  12 cm
Model size: ~ 7 cm
Paper: kami
Diagram: not available

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a set of origami styled icons.
Social Origami Icons
They are not real origami of course but look sort of origami-ish… So I tried to design the real origami twitter bird! I have the impression that Twitter has at least three different-looking birds as a logo, so I just chose this one as a model.
Twitter logo

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  1. Just perfect!

    • i know wonderfull

      • hey it me again i was wondering if you can post a diagram on how to make a paper M i would love that!

  2. Я медитирую на эту птичку уже две недели. Она великолепна!

  3. Wow.. would love to see if you are going to share the diagram for folding this twitter bird. Quite similar to the twitter icon. ^_^

  4. Oh how did u done that? I’ll go on a wedding on friday and want to fold money like a twitter bird.

    • I haven’t diagrammed this model yet. In fact, some folds there were made without any reference points, so it will be difficult to diagram properly.
      Anyway, this bird is folded from a square, not a rectangle. It can not be folded from a bill unless you cut it (and in this case I think your square will be too small to fold it neatly).

      • Hi there!
        My fiancé and I met on twitter and we’re getting married in October. We thought it could be nice to make this beautiful origami fold as a giveaway. Is there any chance you can give us the diagram?
        Thank you so much!!!!

        • Hi, Eshcar! I’ve never diagrammed it, the model is not as simple as it seems.
          But you might want to check out this bird by Paul Jackson:

          I guess, if folded with the right color, it might pass as a twitter bird:)

  5. it looks amazing! i would really love 2 do that some day! do u have d instructions or something??

  6. Do yo happen to have a tutorial or instructions or something yet?

  7. I have a party coming up soon and the bird’s adorable. do you have thing to tell me how to make it yet?

  8. i cannot see the explanation to do it!! ;(

  9. Cannot see the link to the video too.
    Did you finally do the diagram? thank you! :)

    • No diagrams yet, sorry!

  10. Love it! Good job! Can you please make a diagram for it? I really want to fold it! :)

  11. Fantastic model. As usual!

  12. Any chance I can share this image with my audience?

    • Yes, absolutely! As long as you give credit and a link back, feel free to share anywhere you like.

  13. I tried hard to fold this twitter bird but i can’t…. May I have your advice please…?

  14. please let me know how i can contact you regarding usage of the twitter origami image and what credit language i should use. please email to and i can share further details. Thanks

  15. hi i am only 12 and i love your site

  16. Please scheme!

  17. Years later and still no diagram! plz! Even if it’s bad, I want to know! It is hard to find a model that looks like this and nobody seems to know how to make one.

  18. Is there a diagram for this? Would be really useful!

  19. Hello Maria, I write you from Argentina!! I love this twitter bird, so, please, if you can, teach us the diagram! thank you very much!

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