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Modular Origami, Kusudama & Stars by Maria Sinayskaya

Shuriken Star Origami Box

Shuriken Star Origami Box by Evi Binzinger

I love origami boxes. Modular, single sheet designs, bowls, dishes… everything!

And although modular boxes are usually more practical because they are sturdier, the single sheet self-locking ones are more fun to make! So if you fancy a bit of a challenge, try this ninja star-shaped box designed by Evi Binzinger. I made three of them! Find links to a crease pattern and video instructions in the description section.

Name: Shuriken Star Origami Box
Designer: Evi Binzinger
Paper ratio: one uncut square
Paper size: 21 cm square
Model size: top, star-shaped part of the box: ~ 9 cm
  the box itself: ~ 5.5 cm wide, 2.5 cm deep
Paper: Chiyogami paper, Tant origami paper
Diagram: Video tutorial, presented by Eric Strand
  Crease Pattern

Shuriken Star Origami Box by Evi Binzinger

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  1. Hi! I’ve followed your blog for a long time and I love your work, especially your kusudamas. I love boxes and I’m certainly going to try this as soon as I can :)

    • Thank you Sandra, I hope you enjoy folding it!

  2. maravilhosos trabalhos, adorei,

  3. i like your blog but i cant figure out how to do the shuriken star box

  4. Hi, I’d like this box! But I don”t understand creasepatterns and the video can’t be loaded….. Could you explain it to me??? THX

    • Hi, Ruth! The video loads just fine for me, don’t know what the problem is.
      This design is quite challenging even with the video, I truly can’t see how one can “explain” a model like this.

      • Hi, my brother fixed it, and I tried it. It is wonderwul! Thanks!

  5. I like this site very much! Did the lovely Shuriken Star Box today. Thanks for sharing it. Video tutorial needs somehow to get used to it ;-)

  6. Folded it from the crease pattern only and it looks pretty good-but mine is opposite yours! I wonder if the video reverses the folds from the CP? Thanks Maria!

    • Hi, Jean! Yes, it looks like that! Here is Evi’s original rendition of the box:
      I’m also pretty sure that I folded my very first test version of it from the crease pattern too, when Evi just uploaded it. I didn’t even notice that the video reverses the folds)) Thanks for pointing that out.

  7. Since I folded one, I surely will enjoy folding many more!

  8. great fun! thanks!

  9. Very nice box. I folded it and I love it. Tnx.

  10. Maria you just did an amazing job! really outstanding

  11. This video will not play in the United States :(

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