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Modular Origami, Kusudama & Stars by Maria Sinayskaya

Carambola Flowers

Origami Carambola Flowers by Carmen Sprung
If you’ve been following me on Flickr for a while, you’ve probably seen this picture of Carambola Flowers before — I folded them ages ago! But since my Pro account is going to expire in a few days time (and I don’t feel like upgrading it again), a lot of my old photos won’t be displayed anymore. So I decided it would be a good idea to share the very best of them on my blog!
Origami Carambola Flowers by Carmen Sprung
These absolutely beautiful origami flowers were designed by Carmen Sprung and I just love them! Each flower is made from a single sheet of paper, not from a square though, but from a pentagon. I would recommend using fairly thick and strong paper (80–90 gsm) to fold them — Tant origami paper will be just the right choice!

Name: Carambola Flower
Designer: Carmen Sprung
Paper ratio: pentagon, cut out from a 10 cm square
Model size: ~ 5.5 cm
Paper: recycled fibre paper

Video tutorial presented by Sara Adams of

You can also make a Kusudama origami ball from 12 of these flowers by gluing them together — be sure to check out video instructions by Leyla Torres at

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  1. They are faultless and tempting to fold them ^_^

  2. So cute Flower! thanks for sharing.

  3. I can’t access the link to the tutorial. Can you help?

  4. I like the look of the recycled fiber paper. Where do you buy this paper?

    • I buy this paper at local stores here in South Africa. I don’t think one can get this exact paper outside of SA.

      • You can get recycled fiber paper at office depot!

      • Give me your address and I’ll send you paper

  5. Can you make them from a square?

    • To cut out a pentagon from a square just follow the instructions in the video, it’s really easy!
      You can also adapt this design for a square – you’ll end up with a 4-petal flower in this case.

      • Do you have to use those precise measurements or can it be any size of square paper you start out with because I might enlarge the measurements to make large flowers

        • Yes Eliza, you can use a square of any size. Just watch out for the size/thickness balance – the larger the sheet, the heavier the paper must be.

  6. your amazing!

  7. …heartwarming….

  8. too good :)
    i too would like to try out this….

  9. Fantastic!!!

  10. How much I love this! I had been making fish so far with origami. Now i will do flowers. Great post.

  11. Simply Amazing!

  12. Thank you! These turn out beautifully, and making a pentagon from a square in this way is very elegant.

  13. There’s an improved video available here now: – an easier folding sequence, English verbal instructions, and in HD. Hope it helps!

  14. That is a fantastic idea! Star/flowers! Love it!

  15. Awesome! Thanks for the great tutorial. I am going to use these for thanksgiving and christmas!

  16. Does anyone know where I could find these exact colours of Origami sheets? I am looking at making these flowers and want these colours.

    Thanks – any help would be appreciated!

    • Hi Emma! This paper is produced and sold in South Africa only. This is not special origami paper, just a refill block of “recycled fibre paper”.

  17. so question… I know this is crazy… but have you tried it with aluminum cans?? im just curious to if it might be able to be done.. there are ways to still cut the aluminum and make it more maliable..

  18. Amazing! I love it :)

  19. how to make these?

  20. These look amazing I will surly try them out for myself!

  21. nice

  22. I LOVE IT ^^ (oo)

  23. Hi I’m getting marry next year and this is project I a
    Planning to do. Can I use copy paper to make paper flower or do I have to purchase the oragami paper

    • Hi Loretta! There is no real need in special origami paper, any paper of around 70-90 gsm will do.
      But, of course, the prettier the paper, the prettier the flower, so I’d probably check out local stationary and craft/hobby stores for other options.

  24. Requested and rec’d a couple email updates from you but then…nothing. Do ‘ have to sign up again… sure would like to keep up to date with your talents. Thanks much.

    • There is nothing wrong with your subscription, your email is in the database. It’s just me not updating the blog for a while.
      But I do post quite regularly through my social media accounts, so if you’re on Flickr, Facebook or Google Plus you can follow me there. And thank you for subscribing!

  25. Enjoyed doing these

  26. Its fabulous.

  27. i love it ,this method is so easy

  28. stunning

  29. They look very nice, I’ll try folding them for my wife

  30. i love this page and its simple !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. i cant watch the tutorial because the internet is slow

  32. Thank you so much for showing how to easily make a pentagon.
    The tutorial is wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to make it.
    Ciao for now.

  33. Thanks it’s really awesome and the link is a very good thinking many people learn from demonstration better than anything else and you’ve provided both ways :D

  34. I picked up some tant paper and now I can Not stop folding these flowers.. They look amazing!

  35. Thank you, that was really easy to follow and the result is brilliant.

  36. Uur work is juz awesome…..u hav got so much of patience in folding….result is worth the effort u hav put in..cant wait to try my hands on this origami…

  37. Hi I stubble across you image of the carambola flower folding and straight away I wanted to try it out. Very easy to follow instructions, I did get stuck towards the end but manage to figure it out. Thank you so much for sharing x the flower is beautiful x

  38. Are there written instructions

  39. I got lost at 8:30, could you please show the step slowly?

  40. Thank you so much for posting the directions/video in English! You make it very easy to follow along. My flowers came out beautifully!

  41. Hi, I have a shop and would like to sell folded origami….where can I buy?

  42. Very nice…

    I love it…

  43. Maria, is it ok if we just draw a pentagon on a paper and cut it out or do we have to use the method you used?

    • Sure, use any method you like!

  44. These little flowers are beautiful!

  45. Tried after wasting so many sheets..finally got it.. thanks for sharing.

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