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5 Last-Minute Origami Hearts for Valentine’s Day

Origami Hearts

1. Super Simple Heart

As the name suggests, it’s very simple and quick. Ideal if you have those long stripes of fancy paper lying around.

Designer: Meenakshi Mukerji
Paper ratio: 1:5 strip
How to fold: Diagram

Super Simple Heart

2. Geometric Heart

Unusual shape, all planes and angles, and it’s 3D too!

Designer: Haui Boglarka
Paper ratio: 7.5 cm square
How to fold: Diagram


Geometric Origami Heart

3. Heart of True Love

Very elegant design – just be sure to use a heavier paper for best results.

Designer: Ekaterina Lukasheva
Paper ratio: squares – 7.5, 6, 5 cm
How to fold: Video

Heart of True Love
Heart of True Love

4. Love is in the Air

Release this heart gently into the air and watch it glide!

Designer: Francis Ow
Paper ratio: 10 cm square
How to fold: Diagram

Origami Heart - Love Is In The Air

5. Bat-Winged Origami Heart

The most challenging one out of the bunch, but isn’t it awesome?!

Designer: Riki Saito
Paper ratio: 15 cm square
How to fold: Video

Origami Bat-Winged Heart



  1. link for Geometric Heart is not working.does enybody have a working link?

    • same problem over here

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