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Modular Origami, Kusudama & Stars by Maria Sinayskaya

Look what I won!

Chiyogami Paper
Just look what I won, guys – the 2nd Great (the greatest if you ask me) Chiyogami Giveaway from The Paper Place!!! They run it at the end of the last year and the prize included more than 700 sheets of fancy Chiyogami washi paper! Unbelievable!

I had some experience with Chiyogami before (for example, see this box or this kusudama), so I’d been prepared for the beauty of the paper. What I wasn’t prepared for was the sheer amount of it and the incredible variety of different colours and patterns! There are just hundreds and hundreds of them – flowers, leaves, umbrellas, cranes, paisley (I’m crazy about paisley!), stripes, dots, traditional Japanese patterns… you name it!

Well, after I finished browsing through this stack the first time, there were 8 missed calls on my phone – heard nothing, so mesmerized I was!
Chiyogami Paper

Up to this point, I’ve been basically just looking through this pile, trying to sort it out somehow and figure out how exactly I’m going to store it. I also have folded a Kawasaki Rose and a few origami stars out of this paper, and I’m very happy with how they turned out. As soon as I fold more, I’ll write in more detail about the features and qualities of this paper – along with my thoughts on how it performs in terms of origami and what sort of models it works best for.

Until then, take a look at some of my favorite patterns from the stock and see for yourself why I call it the best giveaway ever!

Purple patterns:
Chiyogami Paper
Green patterns:
Chiyogami Paper
Black patterns:
Chiyogami Paper
Red patterns:
Chiyogami Paper
Blue patterns:
Chiyogami Paper

UPD. Here is a gallery of all my folds from chiyogami paper.



  1. What a beautiful paper, I love it!!! Congratulations… :)

    • Thank you Rosario, I’m so excited I just can’t contain myself!:)

  2. WOW, pure beauty. CONGRATS! I´m sure it will keep you inspired and busy ….

    • Amina, thank you! It definitely will!

  3. Incredibly beautiful! How lucky you’ll have sore fingers soon, folding so much!

    • Thanks Mary, I was very lucky indeed!:)
      As for sore fingers – thankfully, since I started using a bone folder I’ve never had this problem again, no matter how much I fold!

  4. Поздравляю!

  5. It is beautiful! Congratulations on the prize, hope we will see some of the paper in your next models.

    • Yes, I think I’ll be using it a lot now!

  6. Thanks for posting the photos! So gorgeous – these and your hexa star photos have motivated me to start using up some of my washis…can’t save them forever!

    • Haha, Rebecca, believe it or not, but even having THIS amount of washi paper I still hesitate to cut and fold it! :D And I also have a tough time when it comes to choosing a sheet. But no real complaints there!

  7. Oh Maria I’m dying with envy here in the other side of the planet. If I only could come and touch it. I’m looking forward to all the beautiful things you’ll use it for.

  8. It is beautiful! !!!Congratulations from Argentina!!!

  9. Congratulations Maria, You deserve it. I have visited the shop in Toronto once, it is overwhelming and a samll paradise for paper lovers! I shall look forward to seeing how you use it al! I always enjoy your mails.

    • Thanks Helen! I believe they have even wider range of papers in the shop than they have online. I would probably had a heart attack in this shop or something)))
      Now when I think about it – I’ve never actually been in a proper origami/paper shop because we don’t have any where I live. Nearly everything I buy (origami-related I mean), I buy online.

  10. Wow!!!! It’s fascinating! I’m anxious to see the beautiful things these papers are going to be transformed in. Congratulations!

  11. Wow.. Wonderful papers and colors. Happy folding!!

  12. I wish I had that much nice paper!

  13. Маша, поздравляю с наградой и подарком! Змечательная бумага! Жду с нетерпением новых твоих кусудам из нее:) Ты отлично подбираешь бумагу под кусудамы:)

    • Катя, спасибо большое! Да, бумаги у меня теперь много – а чем больше бумаги, тем сложнее выбор! Особенно когда ее по одному листу каждого рисунка))) Но я не жалуюсь!

  14. Lucky You Now the trouble is to figure out what to fold with so many patterns…. lots of boxes,

  15. You lucky duck. :O I’m so envious; have fun figuring out what to fold!! It’s gorgeous paper.

  16. Congratulation, they are wonderful and i am sure they are in good hands :)
    Have fun !!! By By form Italy

  17. We are all eager to see what you’ve made from this amazing stock of paper!

  18. Ohhh, wow! I would just love all of that paper! Usually I buy 300 sheets of 6in.x6in. and 300 of a smaller size (Solid colors so no patterns! :(). But 700 sheets of Washi, and beautiful Washi too! I envy you. :D

  19. Wow. How did you get it?!

    • I just entered the giveaway and kept my fingers crossed! Lucky me)

  20. im actually jealous!

  21. Such a beautiful paper… I have a couple of sheets of Chiyogami washi and they are so beautiful I can’t find a model good enough to use it.
    By the way, where can I find the diagrams for this box you folded? It’s a Tomoko Fuse model?

  22. I love all that paper!!! Congratulations!!! Can you make some more origami diagrams? If you can that will be really cool!!!

  23. What an prize. I value my washi papers and use every single scrap! Nothing is discarded. I love, love, love this paper – the colours and patterns are so vibrant. I have made many Oriental cards for people. Enjoy your amazing prize!

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