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Modular Origami, Kusudama & Stars by Maria Sinayskaya

Spiral Faced Cube

Spiral Faced Cube by Tomoko Fuse
Spiral Faced Cube by Tomoko Fuse was one of those models I’ve been planning to fold for a very long time, but kept putting it off for one reason or the other. I’m so glad that I finally did it!

It took me about two hours to make it, I suppose (which is actually more than I expected, since only 12 units are needed).  But I’m very pleased with the result – congratulations to me!
Spiral Faced Cube by Tomoko Fuse

Name: Spiral Faced Cube
Designer: Tomoko Fuse
Units: 12
Paper ratio: rectangles (A5 sheet cut into 4 long strips)
Assembled with: no glue
Paper size: 3.7*21 cm
Model size: ~ 7 cm
Paper: Thin translucent vellum
Diagram: “Let’s fold spirals” by Tomoko Fuse, p. 38
  ISBN: 4480872027

Spiral Faced Cube by Tomoko Fuse

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  1. Congratulations, it was worth it! And the pictures are perfect too!

  2. It’s soooo wonderful !!!

  3. I never seen anything like it where can you find to make it.

  4. WOWWW! Nice model. I love Tomoko Fuse!!!

  5. Awesome!
    Fuse is ingenious when it comes to everything origami.

  6. Ok, so i finally figured out how to make a spiral cube… But the last face was almost impossible because The cube is closed by then and I couldn’t put any pressure on the back of spiral to fold it! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • This is a very common problem with modular models – the last unit is always the trickiest one. I don’t remember exactly how I handled it, but it’s definitely possible. I do remember that my cube was not only fully closed from all sides, but looked clean enough on each face too.

  7. Soooo coool!!!

  8. Awesome job, those spirals look amazing!

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