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Modular Origami, Kusudama & Stars by Maria Sinayskaya

Little Roses Kusudama

Little Roses Kusudama

Name: Little Roses Kusudama, angled variation
Designer: Maria Sinayskaya
Units: 30
Paper ratio: rectangle (1:2)
Assembled with: no glue
Paper size: 2.5 * 5 cm
Model size: ~ 5 cm
Paper: Double-sided kraft, Paper Frog
Diagram: Diagram
Video: Video instructions by Tadashi Mori
Please note that you have to curl petals before the assembly, not after.

Little Unit Modular

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  1. This is absolutely exquisite. And this site is so inspiring and helpful! Thank you so much for all the work you do!

  2. Love this kusudama and I’m anxious to try it. Thanks!

    • Thank you Ana! If you fold this kusudama please feel free to send me a photo, I will be happy to see it!:)

  3. I have trouble Assembling it, please help. I have no idea how to connect everything (even the first three), he goes to fast in the video :(

    • You might want to learn the basics of modular origami first. Google for classic sonobe unit (module) and practise in 6, 12 and 30-unit assembly. You’ll be able to assemble any other 30-unit model after that!

  4. I made one with squares!
    Unfortunately I don’t know how to send the photo.
    If i knew, I will send it to you. :)

    • Hi Clint! Yes, it would be great if you could send me a photo! My email is maria @

      • Well, I can’t. :(
        But I want to upload a video tutorial of this, and can I have your permission to upload it?
        I’ll send the link later. :)

  5. Help? When I try to connect the units via the sonobe method all of the tabs keep slipping out….

    • Yes, the units will slip out in the beginning. Just keep going, the more units are in their places, the more stable the whole construction is:)

  6. I’m trying to make the rectangular one without curls

  7. When I did the first ones I began putting paper clips to hold them untill they took shape, after undoing the hole thing like three times I nailed it!

  8. I’m really enjoying my Origami at the moment. I have made a beautiful glued Kusuda ball from Folden square designer paper but am really keen to try this.

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