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Modular Origami, Kusudama & Stars by Maria Sinayskaya

Etna Kusudama

Etna Kusudama

Name: Etna Kusudama
Designer: Maria Sinayskaya
Units: 30
Paper ratio: rectangle (2:5)
Assembled with: no glue
Paper size: 3*7.5 cm
Model size: ~ 7 cm
Paper: Harmony paper
Diagram: Etna Kusudama

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  1. gorgeous! instructions?

    • Here is the diagram for this model! I’ve just added the third page with assembly instructions to it.

      • Awesome, thanks!

  2. Wonderful model, I love the color combination, that is always a challenge!!

    • Thank you Rosario!

  3. Inspiring

  4. i really like the way you choose the colour, so nice and pretty. thank you so much for sharing the diagrams. i really hope that i could find the nice colour and proper local origami paper, now its so terrible because in indonesia i could find it.

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