Modular origami, kusudama and more by Maria Sinayskaya.

Braided Corona Star

Braided Corona Star

The Braided Corona Star is a more advanced version of the star I created last year, the Braided Star. By tweaking the unit here and there I was able to reveal an extra layer of paper that adds even more visual interest to the model!

Braided Corona Star

Name: Braided Corona Star, Corona Star Series
Type: Modular origami star
Designer: Maria Sinayskaya
Created: November 2012 | November 2013
Units: 8
Paper ratio: squares
Paper: Double-sided kraft paper (Paper Frog), 7.5 cm squares
Assembled with: no glue


Watch this video tutorial created by Sara Adams of to learn how to fold this star, and don’t forget to subscribe to her YouTube channel to never miss a new video!


Braided Corona Star

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  1. Beautiful Maria! Your folding is immaculate and always an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your work.

    • i did not like it you did not explain enough i ended up tearing all my expensive colorful paper and then tossing it all in the trash! :<

  2. Thank you Maria, for your wonderful star and for the great tutorial!!

  3. Love this star! It was not so hard that I couldn’t figure it out. These will be part of an ornament Christmas this year.

  4. Thank you, Maria and Sara, for letting us folding this fabulous origami model! Ü

  5. Mine came out so pretty. I gave my to my teacher and she liked it a lot. Thanks so much for showing me this

  6. This is a wonderfull star. Is it possible to find a diagram of it.

    • There is no diagrams for the model, just the video.

      • Hi Maria,

        Do you have an email adress or somewhere I can ask you one question about kusudama ?

        Many thanks.

  7. How would you make the extra layer show?

  8. Preciosa corona gracias por compartirla

  9. Please make tutorial for more advannced star.


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