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Modular Origami, Kusudama & Stars by Maria Sinayskaya

Origami Tsuru Rose

Origami Tsuru Rose, Kawasaki Rose Crane
I think for those who have already mastered both, the traditional origami crane and the famous Kawasaki’s Rose, it would be interesting to try this model by  Satoshi Kamiya – which is basically a cross between those two.

It was quite a challenging model actually! The most difficult part for me was not the rose, as one might think, but the neck and tail because there are many layers of paper there and when it comes to folding them the model is 3D and not flat, which make things even trickier.

I would suggest using a rather large sheet of thin or medium-weight paper.  Make a test fold to see how you can improve your final fold.

Name: Tsuru Rose (Kawasaki Rose Crane)
Designer: Satoshi Kamiya
Paper ratio: square
Paper size: 15 cm
Model size: ~ 10 cm
Paper: Harmony origami paper, Grimmhobby (Japan)
Diagram: Origami Tsuru Rose – diagram by Vera Young

Origami Tsuru Rose, Kawasaki Rose Crane

Origami Tsuru Rose, Kawasaki Rose Crane

Name: Tsuru Rose (Kawasaki Rose Crane)
Designer: Satoshi Kamiya
Paper ratio: square
Paper size: 15 cm
Model size: ~ 10 cm
Paper: Tant origami paper

Origami Tsuru Rose, Kawasaki Rose Crane

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  1. Maria, seu site é perfeito – bonito, simples e de muita utilidade para todos nós que gostamos de origami!
    Adoro as peças que você cria… São todas muito elegantes.

    E muito obrigada pela referência ao diagrama feito por mim para o Tsuru Rose.

    Sucesso sempre! Um abraço aqui do Brasil.

    Vera Young

    • Thank you Vera!
      I was so glad to find this diagram at your blog, thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this diagram and cannot wait to start on it. It is so beautfiul. I cannot read Spanish but I think I can figure most of it out but can you please tell me if the beginning is supposed to be colour side up or down? It would be very helpful! Thanks so much.

    • In the diagram the light yellow color represents the colored side of the paper so start with the color side up!

  3. helo, can you make a video of you doing a Tsuru Rose on youtube?? this is to hard for me but i realy wanna know how to do this origami.
    thanks for the atention end congratulations for the site.

    • Hi Rafael! I never do videos because it’s not only time-consuming but one should actually get a permission from the author to make a video in the first place!
      Have you tried folding Kawasaki Rose before? There are plenty of tutorials on the net for it (all unauthorized BTW). If you learn the rose first, the Rose Crane will be much more easier.

  4. Hello, ive made the rose time and time again but steps 8 through 10 are impossible.

    Can you explain how to fold it that way?

    • Score all the red lines shown on step 8. Make them mountains. Reinforce the smallest square in the center as mountains too. Turn the paper over and score all the red lines on step 9. Mountains again.
      Then push the paper twisting it around the center to form the rose – the paper will not be flat at this point (see the photos in the diagram). Starting from step 11 the model is already 3D.

  5. Can u help me from the step 11? I don’t know how to fold with the 3D model… ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  6. ¡¡¡Thankz!!!! I make it!!!
    See you.

  7. Would you say the folds for the center grid in step three are made at 1/8 intervals or 1/6? I’ve tried 1/8 and my models have turned out pretty well but I’m wondering if I can enlarge the rose a bit without making the proportions seem too strange.

  8. WOW! That’s a beautiful rose crane! I’ve made it (although it was quite difficult!) and it was well worth the effort!
    Thank you very much for posting these instructions…

  9. Extravagant but difficult! Accidentally tore the paper at step 20 doing the reverse folds. Thanks for the links!!

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