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Modular Origami, Kusudama & Stars by Maria Sinayskaya

Origami Dragon

Origami Dragon
A couple of days ago I suddenly realized that the coming 2012 year will be the Year of the Dragon! Yes, that’s how you end up with no TV around. But it’s better late than never, right? Thankfully, there is no shortage of origami dragons out there, and I just went for the simplest one I could find.

This origami dragon is made from the Bird Base and it’s not much more complicated than a traditional crane. Folded from one square sheet of thin foil.

I believe it’s not too late to make your own origami dragon as a symbol of coming year! Happy folding everyone and Happy New Year!

Name: Origami Dragon
Designer: ?
Paper ratio: square
Paper size: 15 cm
Model size: ~ 9 cm
Paper: foil paper (Japan)
Diagram: Origami Dragon



  1. nifty I like foil

  2. I got Origami papers and an Origami diagram book as birthday gift for my son’s class mate. She’ll be four tomorrow. This is a great little Origami to decorate the package with. Thank you for sharing.

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