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Origami Flower: Flor de Maria

Flor de Maria

This is a very special flower. The flower my origami friend Carla dedicated to me! I’m so flattered – and delighted! Thank you so much, dear:)


Name: Flor de Maria
Designer: Carla Onishi
Units: 8
Paper ratio: half-squares
Assembled with: no glue
Paper size:  4*8 cm
Model size: ~ 8 cm
Paper: VOG Origami Paper
Diagram: Flor de Maria – tutorial

Flor de Maria

P.S. Believe it or not, but just 20 minutes ago I came up with a new origami star design (as one can figure out from my photostream on Flickr, I’ve been playing with stars quite heavily lately). So what I do know about this new design for sure, is that I’ll name it Mandala Carla:) What I’m not so sure about, is when exactly I’ll be able to post photos and instructions for this. Hopefully this week – I haven’t shared anything new for ages!

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  1. Beautiful flower. Congratulations on being named after you.
    I’m not familiar with this VOG paper. I’d love to try it!

  2. Да, приятно такой подарок получить!
    Красивый цветок :)

    • Тоже так считаю :)

  3. Beautiful and deserved tribute! The flower is gorgeous, just like your work!

    • Oh, thank you Ana!

  4. i really love this origami. can you please give the instruction to do it, if possible

  5. sorry i didn`t see it but thank you

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