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Modular Origami, Kusudama & Stars by Maria Sinayskaya

Geranium Kusudama

Geranium Kusudama by Tomoko Fuse
Geranium kusudama is yet another beautiful origami design by Tomoko Fuse; the diagram can be found in the latest issue of Origami Tanteidan Magazine.

There are two variations of this model, I only folded the “curled” one. The other version of this kusudama doesn’t have curls, but I think should be even easier to assemble.

Name: Geranium Kusudama
Designer: Tomoko Fuse
Units: 30
Paper ratio: square
Assembled with: no glue
Paper size: 5 cm
Model size: ~ 6.5 cm
Paper: Double-sided origami paper, JONG IE NARA (Korea)
“Detachable Multi Colored Paper of Patterns”
Diagram: Tanteidan Origami Magazine, №130, p. 4

Geranium Kusudama by Tomoko Fuse

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  1. Hi, love the design and the colors! Where did you buy this paper?

    • Hi Kristina, thanks for your comment!
      I believe I got this paper at this site
      but I can’t find it there right now. Probably they don’t carry it anymore.
      It also might be that Jong Ie Nara has discontinued this item. I see a lot of their new patterns all over the net but not this one.

  2. omg lit look so nice

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